In compliance with the new COVID-19 protocol, here are some changes to expect during sessions. These will be re-evaluated for safety and comfort as things progress.

1. Please wait outside the building until your scheduled appointment time. I will come greet you at the front door.

2. Masks are required in the building common areas and also during the entire massage session. Cloth, surgical, or any other masks you have been wearing out in the world are fine!

3. I will also be wearing proper PPE (N-95 mask, impermeable apron that will be wiped down between sessions, in some cases, eye protection or a face shield) for the entire session.

4. Upon arrival, we will do a temperature check with a no-touch thermometer at the door. Any temperatures above 100 degrees will be asked to reschedule. I know that temp checks are not a fail proof way to eliminate risk, but I do think they can help provide information (especially in cases where people may have a low grade fever and not realize it).

5. Please wash your hands upon entering the building.

6. I will ask you a short series of COVID and health/symptom related screening questions before each session. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, sore throat, cough, loss of taste/smell) you will be asked to reschedule your session. There will be no fees for canceling due to illness.

7. You may have been following along that the CDC released a statement indicating that surface transmission is not a statistically significant concern. Amazing! However, I will still be following the same cleaning procedures and sterilizing all high touch surfaces, the table, face cradle, lotion bottles, etc. between each session.

8. I  have a medical grade hepa air purifier running during and after all sessions, which will be recycling the air approximately every 15 minutes. The window will be opened for ventilation as much as the weather allows.

9. For the time being, I will suspend intra-oral massage work. If you are experiencing symptoms for which this type of work is indicated, I am happy to provide a video session guiding you through some anatomy and techniques for self intra-oral work.